I Can Change Them

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Synonyms: I Can Fix Them
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"I can change them", more commonly "I can fix them", is a phrase used to describe the trope of a character having the mindset that through the power of love they can transform the object their affection. This usually means they believe they can correct their beloved's flaws or absolve them of their transgressions.

The trope is common in both fanworks and canon. It is not universally popular, with some seeing it as reinforcing abusive or co-dependent relationship dynamics, since it can involve a character denying or downplaying their beloved's legitimately problematic traits or actions. It often features in Draco in Leather Pants-type stories where a good girl sets out to reform or at least soften a bad boy.

This trope can be seen as ableist when it involves disability or mental illness since it may mean a character is treating their beloved's condition as a problem that needs to be managed or "fixed."

Redeeming love is the version of this trope where love successfully effects positive change in a character.

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