Hunting Party

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Title: Hunting Party
Author(s): fawatson
Date(s): 28 October 2009
Length: 1770 words
Genre: Alternative Universe
Fandom: Mary Renault
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"Hunting Pary"[1] is a short story written by fawatson, based on the second book from Mary Renault's Alexander Trilogy, The Persian Boy.

It was inspired by a comment by alexandria_47 (a noted Hephaistion fan) about being a waitress at Alexander’s wedding to Stateira, and was written for the maryrenaultfics Halloween Spooky Challenge of 2009 (prompt: ‘cobwebs’). "Hunting Party" is a sequel to fawatson's earlier story "Gadrosia of the Stars", and uses the AU developed for that story (in which Hephaistion becomes a futuristic soldier) which was inspired by fanart by innervoice_chan showing Bagoas as a catman.

In this story, on the morning after the mass wedding which cements the treaty between ‘Rex’ (Alexander) and the native catmen tribes, ‘Hephty’ (Hephaiston) goes hunting and runs into a stray ‘Bessite monster’ which he defeats with the help of ‘Dria’ the catwoman who waited on him at the wedding the evening before.

Comments received on the story include:

  • *snorfle* Bessites...Paul Kostis in a dress.... I hate to admit it, but this AU is teetering on the edge of becoming something I really like! The tone is remarkable, Flo - it's totally believable as SciFi - and Hephty as a plasma-rifle slinging warrior, well.... [2]my_cnnr
  • So funny! That innervoice_chan has a LOT to answer for - LOL :)[3]trueriver


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