Gadrosia of the Stars

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Title: Gadrosia of the Stars
Author(s): fawatson
Date(s): 22 June 2009
Length: 1183 words
Genre: Alternative Universe
Fandom: Mary Renault
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Gadrosia of the Stars[1] is a short story written by fawatson. This story is based on the second book from Mary Renault's Alexander Trilogy, The Persian Boy. The author’s inspiration was some fanart posted by innervoice_chan providing a series of AU settings for characters from Renault novels (one of which showed Bagoas as a catman). This story takes a scene from the novel in which Hephaistion goes back to rescue Bagoas from the Gadrosian desert, and reworks it as military science fiction (with Hephaistion cast as a soldier with a plasma rifle and Bagoas as a catman who is native guide).

Comments received on the story include:

  • *squints* - p-p-plasma rifle? Lt. Alexander? - K. - Well. - I suppose its no weirder than un-naturally occurring rivers in the backyard, not-a-zombie brother war-heroes in the frontyard and elephants in the driveway. - Wait. - A catman riding piggyback? - Hmmm... About those elephants.....[2]my_cnnr
  • This is really very funny. The more so since I recognize where it's coming from on both sides.[3]greerwatson


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