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Name: Home of the Knight
Owner/Maintainer: Azaeel
Dates: ? - present
Type: tribute site, personal archive
Fandom: Forever Knight
URL: Home of the Knight
Screen capture of the main page of the original Home of the Knight.
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[1]Home of the Knight is a Forever Knight fansite created by Azaeel. The text is in German, though some of the titles are in English.

Site Contents

  • Was ist Forever Knight bzw. Nick Knight!   introduction to the show
  • FK Episodenliste — episode list
  • Chronology of the Knight — dates and flashback summaries
  • FK Pics — a screen capture archive
  • Forever Knight Stories — a collection of FK fan fiction by Azaeel. (NOTE: The titles are in English, but the stories themselves are in German.)
    • "Away" ( a song challenge)
    • "Lost Knight"
    • "True Son of Belial"
    • "Nicholas' Lamento" (poem, in English)

Site History

Home of the Knight was originally located at http://www.fangirl666.de/knightpage.htm, and was part of the Trinity Goth's Dark World website. The same material was later moved to its present location within the Children of Darkness website, an on-line non-profit magazine created by "a free Goth Girl who likes to tell the world how she see's things".


  1. This information is largely copied from the "Home of the Knight" article in the Forever Knight Wiki.