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Title: Home, Home
Author(s): onpaperfirst
Date(s): 2008
Fandom: The X-Files
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Home, Home is an X-Files MSR story by onpaperfirst.

Reactions and Reviews

A wonderfully worded, in-character look at Mulder and Scully post-series but pre-IWTB. Many people avoid fic taking place during this time period, either because what M/S are going through is just too painful or because most aren't well-written, but this fic is definitely the exception. 10 vignettes, giving us insight as to how their lives may be proceeding after they buy (well, she buys) the unremarkable house. And being that the author has an unheard of amount of comments to this fic, I'd say that the chances of you enjoying are pretty high. [1]


  1. het reccers, November 2012