Holodeck (convention)

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Star Trek Convention
Name: Holodeck
Dates: 1990, 1993
Type: fan run fan con
Focus: Star Trek: TOS
Founding Date:
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Holodeck was a Star Trek convention. This con had two sister cons held earlier. They were Holodeck: A Klingon Weekend and Holodeck: New Year's Eve.

Holodeck 1

It was held August 31- September 3, 1990 at the Stakis Norfolk Gardens Hotel in Bradford. Guest of Honors were Joe and Gay Haldeman, perhaps others. It was the 30th British Star Trek Convention.

Holodeck 2

It was held August 27- 30, 1993 at the Moat House Hotel, Shropshire. Guests of Honor were Bob Justman, Geoff Ryman, Freda Warrington, Dr. Julian Healong, Janet Quarton. It was the 36th British Star Trek Convention.