Hivebent: The Radio Play

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Title: Hivebent: The Radio Play
Creator: Von Fawn (Director)
Date(s): 2011
Medium: audioplay series
Fandom: Homestuck
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Hivebent: The Radio Play was an attempted full cast production of Hivebent, and features both adaptations of the comic text and original sections written to fill out gaps in the story.

Hivebent: The Radio Play was originally directed by Von Fawn, who also voices Vriska, and was then being produced and directed by arianadream (who voices Kanaya) and Zigkirby (who voices Karkat).


The voice acting community on Homestuck fandom had become enormous by the summer of 2010, largely due to the popularity of the Hivebent characters.

On July 30th, a Hivebent: The Radio Play thread was added to the forums as a centralized location for discussions going on in the voice acting thread.

In April 2011, the first episode was released [1] and met with enthusiasm, but in May 2011 it was announced that the project was shutting down. [2]


Reactions & Reviews


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