Highway Survivalists' Roadmap

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Title: Highway Survivalists' Roadmap
Author(s): drvsilla
Date(s): 2006-2007
Length: ~10,579 words
Genre: slash
Fandom: Supernatural
External Links: online link to part 1; link to the podfic on the Audiofic Archive
cover for the podbook, art by lavishsqualor

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Highway Survivalists' Roadmap is a Supernatural slash story written by drvsilla that focuses on the Dean/Sam pairing. The story was written in two parts over 2006-2007.

The series was included in the sawedoff recs LJ community's final recommendation post.

In 2012, the story was selected to be part of the The Podfic Big Bang. The reader was lavishsqualor who also designed the coverart and the files were offered in both mp3 and m4b formats with a total running time of 1:22:20.

Summary: "Dean reeks--sweat and dirt and too many days since their last shower--and Sam's nose is buried in it."

Fandom Reactions

"DA-YUM that was amazing. Scorchingly hot and totally, competely them. You have such a deft hand at the little details that are technically unnecessary but make up the deepest, best characterization, like the shared boy-joke about eating twinkies that is so old between that they only need to look at each other and giggle. And Sam's looking through the newspapers in the store while he waits for Dean, because he still has that interest in the outside world that Dean never did."[1]
"Wonderful, utterly wonderful. Magnificent imagery - how can you make a truck stop seem so romantic? Especially 'Romantic' in the 'Romance poets' sense of the word. But you do; and you make their life together on the road - which could easily become unbearable so quickly - seem natural and smooth and welcome. They may be without a physical home, and so homeless, but they have home with each other."[2]
"The thing I love about these are the little details that don't need to be there, but just provide so much more texture and reality and taste. Soaping up their hands, after the mind-shattering hotness of what happened just before it, was a lovely touch, enough to bring us down and push us through the many layers of their relationship. Also, you write beautiful scenery, which can be hard to do without being purple or flowery. The sex was, well, incredibly sexy. It's gonna sound stupid, but it was the real essence of sex, paired down and stripped and bare of anything except the need and passion. God. LOVE it. Thank you!"[3]
"Your writing here was really lovely. I love how this felt, how the scenes you picked and the way you write them gave this sense of languid life on the road for Sam and Dean. The descriptions were really quite beautiful, and I especially liked how incongruous they could’ve been but weren’t: you know, traveling on the road is exhausting, and you totally captured that, but you also brought out the beauty. Like these bits: “They'll stay here until the sun goes down--past umber, past slate, past prussian--when the stars would freckle the crescent-band of sky while the lamps lining the highway into-away rest stop sputter to life”; and THIS ONE IS JUST PURE POETRY: “to leave a dark-blood brand, purple blossom of us, mine.” Thanks for writing this![4]


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