Her Whole Heart Devoted

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Title: Her Whole Heart Devoted
Author(s): Karen B.
Date(s): 2000
Length: epic
Genre: het, Romance, Angst, Rated PG
Fandom: Sense and Sensibility
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Her Whole Heart Devoted is a series of Marianne/Brandon fics by Karen B. as an "episodic sequel to Sense and Sensibility, exploring the Brandons' courtship and early married life."

Series Order

  • A Delaford Vignette
  • A Barton Vignette
  • Prothalamion, or, A Song in Celebration of a Wedding
  • Epithalamion, or, A Lyric Ode in Honor of a Bride and Bridegroom
  • Mistress of a Family
  • Revelation, or, A Death at Delaford

Comments, Recs & Reviews

"Karen B. wrote a series of works centering around Marianne and Brandon (Austen fans will realized these stories are obviously based on Emma Thompson’s script of S&S, since Karen’s Colonel Brandon has the first name “Christopher”), following them from when they are friends (A Delaford Vignette) to Brandon’s proposal (A Barton Vignette), to the preparations for their wedding (Prothalamion, or, A Song in Celebration of a Weddding), honeymoon (Epithalamion, or, A Lyric Ode in Honor of a Bride and Bridegroom), and married life (Mistress of a Family and Revelation, or, A Death at Delaford). They are all worthy Austen sequels featuring your favorite Sense & Sensibility characters and some new ones as well. These were all written before FFN and AO3 had given us a ratings system, but there’s nothing explicit in these beyond interludes and euphemisms, if you get my drift."[1]
"Why you should read this: Attention to canon details. Attention to historical details. Good, solid writing with few technical errors. A well crafted story. A well crafted piece of fanfiction which explores and adds new depths to canon without betraying or ignoring the source material.

Why you may not like it: The writing can be a bit overwrought at times, and it can become clunky, spelling out emotional development that would be more effectively hinted at or shown.


The second half of the second story is largely reflective. If you prefer your stories to move quickly, this probably isn’t the series for you, in fact. At times the story can seem to be a bit bogged down in the characters’ internal monologues, but the emotions ring true and there were a few good goosebumps-inducing scenes.


In general, I’m not one hundred percent sold on Marianne/Brandon, but for the space of this series, Beckwith makes me believe and root for the pairing, and really, that’s all I ask for in a romance. “A Delaford Vignette” and “A Barton Vignette” lay the groundwork for the rest of the series, are solidly written, with good characterization and emotional development."[2]
"This “episodic sequel to Sense and Sensibility” (in the author’s own words) is a series of stories that explore the courtship and early marriage of Marianne Dashwood and Colonel Brandon. It is not an idealized relationship (though they do get a little mushy sometimes): they have their moments of bliss and their hours of despair and while Brandon’s love is unquestionable from the start, Marianne’s blossoms through time – so naturally that it takes a while for her to truly recognize it. There’s a little bit of everything in this series: romance, humor, history, mystery, angst. The characters may start out as Jane Austen wrote them, but they are allowed to change and grow during the story and the original characters introduced (especially the Colonel’s sister and her family) fit right in."[3]


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