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You may be looking for the list of Special Pages.

Special pages are pages that are created by the software on demand. They are located in their own namespace (Special:) and cannot be edited, unlike other pages.

Some special pages depend on the preferences that have been set by a user, e.g. the number of titles that display on a user's watchlist.

Administrators can edit the text on some special pages by going to Special:AllMessages and finding the name of the message.

The following functions require sysop/administrator permissions.

Rename User

In rare cases (usually to protect their identity), the Fanlore committee may need to rename a user with Special:Renameuser. If the user had already created a user page, be sure to also delete any redirects when you move the user page (in identity protection cases).

Since we ask that everyone create only one user account per fan identity, we can also rename users if they are dissatisfied with their user name, rather than have them create a new user account.

Delete or merge accounts

There is a Mediawiki extension that can do this [1], but Fanlore does not have it.

Edit System Messages

With the system messages you can edit automated notices.

  • go to Special:AllMessages
  • do a Control-f search to find the text of the message you want to edit (or search by message name)
  • click on the red-linked message name next to it
  • An edit window will open, and you can make changes.

Edits to system messages are listed in the RecentChanges page as changes to the MediaWiki namespace.

User Rights Management

Go to Special:UserRights to change the status of a user (regular user to gardener, gardener back to regular user, etc.).

List of who has which permissions on the wiki: Special:ListGroupRights

List of powers granted to each user group on the wiki: Special:ListGroupRights

List of special pages

Clicking the link Special:Specialpages will take you to a list of all special pages on the wiki. You can find this link in the toolbox menu (on the left hand panel in some skins).