Hearts of Glass

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You may be looking for the Miami Vice zine Heart of Glass.

Title: Hearts of Glass
Author(s): Rhapsodie
Date(s): 1995
Fandom: Blake's 7
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Hearts of Glass is a Blake's 7 Vila/Dayna story by Rhapsodie.

It was published in Straight Blake's #2.

Reactions and Reviews

And this is excellent! Takes a while to start, and then eventually Dayna (who has never had sex) shows up. It's just after Warlord and moments before Blake. Both Vila and Dayna feel the end is almost upon them, and Vila is still so angry at Avon about Orbit (after all the A/V post Orbits I've not read, it is a pleasure to have the issue worked with here so competently and so devastatingly). Although Avon's not in the fic, an Avon-centric thread (that he is in command of their destiny/he is the one who is killing them) runs through it.[1]
The last story in the zine is the stunning "Hearts of Glass". It features Vila and Dayna, and takes place the night before the crew leaves Xenon. This has to be one of the best Blakes 7 stories in print, poignant, chilling, utterly convincing and beautifully written. Dayna and Vila are completely in character and their encounter mirrors the lack of hope and the anguish of lives spent constantly on the run. A haunting story, told with outstanding skill.[2]
Hearts of Glass, by Rhapsodie. The last story, and absolutely wonderful. It's the night before they abandon Xenon base, and Dayna and Vila come together, both feeling very much like minor players in a game which is inexorably drawing to a dangerous climax. Both are dead perfect in character, the imagery is *lovely* -- and the entire thing is utterly heartwrenching.[3]


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