Have Swiss Army Knife...Will Travel

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Title: Have Swiss Army Knife...Will Travel
Publisher: Bumblebee Press
Editor(s): Melissa Mastoris
Date(s): May 1994
Medium: fanzine, print
Fandom: MacGyver
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front cover, Erika Fresley: title is "Endorsement" -- "The Swiss Army Watch."
a flyer

Have Swiss Army Knife...Will Travel is a gen MacGyver 66-page anthology of fiction and poetry.

The cover is by Erika Fresley. The interior art is by Phyllis Savacool.

"The guy who can make a bomb out of chewing gum is back!"


  • I'm a Clever Guy by Julie Freitag ("Pete's vanished, and only a clever guy like Mac can figure out where he is.") (1)
  • Jack's Good-Bye by Silver Serebryanyi (7)
  • Minnesota Thunderstorm by Melissa Mastoris (8)
  • Mike's Last Thoughts by Khylara (9)
  • Ellen by Khylara (9)]
  • The Crossroads by Melissa Mastoris (" Guardian Angel shows Pete just what... and who...he has to live for.") (10)
  • Graveside Mourning Melissa Mastoris (21)
  • Lakeside by Melisa Mastoris (22)
  • Littletree by S.L. Schneider ("It's plenty of danger, excitement and romance when Mac helps an Indian woman do battle against a chemical company.") (23)
  • Years by Khylara (45)
  • One Roll of Duct Tap, filk by Jane Freitag (46)
  • Meetings, filk by Jane Freitag (48)
  • Decisions by Jane Freitag ("After meeting his son, Mac now has to decide what to do next.") 50)
  • Murdoc's Vow by Silver Serebryanyi (66)
  • Before the Fall by Silver Serebryanyi (66)