Harry Potter: Sex-Skandal im Internet

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News Media Commentary
Title: Harry Potter: Sex-Skandal im Internet
Date(s): 03 September 2001
Venue: BILD.de, German tabloid
Fandom: Harry Potter
External Links: Harry Potter: Sex-Skandal im Internet (BILD.de, Wayback)
Note: the numbers likely don't reflect the poll results
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Harry Potter: Sex-Skandal im Internet (Harry Potter: sex scandal on the internet) is an article about Harry Potter slash fanfiction. It informs the concerned reader that Harry Potter gets abused as a porn star on the internet and says that according to a MSNBC report there are more than 70 websites with erotic gay love stories featuring Harry Potter.

Excerpts from the stories Taken by Force and Desperate Measure are quoted as proof that yes, people write stories about Harry and Draco and other Harry Potter characters. Both stories are by Rhysenn. The article claims that most stories are written by young women and that Rhysenn lives out her soft porn fantasies through her stories. Rhysenn herself is quoted as saying that the sex in her stories is incidental and not the point.

The article used an image with the caption "Harry Potter: Ein heißer Feger" (Harry Potter: a hottie; "Feger" is also a synonym for "Besen" aka broom) and included a poll entitled "Harry Potter Porno-Star: Erotisch oder anstößig?" (Harry Potter porn star: erotic or offensive?). The first page of reader comments is full of reactions by slashers who correct the various mistakes in the article.[1]


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