Hanmix Exchange

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Name: Hamix Exchange
Date(s): February - March 2012
Founder: Renee C and Renee P
Type: fanmix challenge
Fandom: Hanson
Associated Community:
URL: http://www.acinematicsunrise.com/hanmix; archive link
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Hanmix Exchange was a Hanson challenge run by Renee C and Renee P. It ran for one round in 2012. Participants signed up one of or more of their fics to receive a fanmix, and in exchange had to create the same number of fanmixes for other authors.

Some Mixes Created For The Challenge

Sweetly Worn, a Family Ties fanmix created by Bethany for Renee P
This Isn't Love, a Cause and Effect fanmix created by Amber Hopper for Bethany
Untitled, a Letting Go Is The Hardest Part fanmix created by Renee C for Amber Hopper