Hank Henshaw

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Name: Hank Henshaw
Occupation: Scientist
Title/Rank: Cyborg Superman
Status: alive
Relationships: Terri Henshaw (wife)
Fandom: DC Comics, Superman, Supergirl (TV series)
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Hank Henshaw, also known as Cyborg Superman, is a DC Comics character.



Hank Henshaw made his first appearance in Adventures of Superman #500. (1993). He is a brilliant scientist who, after blaming the loss of his wife on Superman, became the villain Cyborg Superman.

Supergirl (TV Series)

Hank is the former director of the D.E.O. Hank was a paranoid and ruthless agent who saw all aliens as a threat regardless if they were fugitives or refuges and sought to kill them all. After Kara Zor-El's arrival, Hank extorted her foster father Jeremiah Danvers into working for him so he could learn about Kryptonians. After spending years hunting the refuge J'onn J'onzz, Hank cornered him in Peru but Jeremiah seemingly sacrificed his life to kill Hank to protect J'onn. After his supposed death, he was impersonated by J'onn to reform the D.E.O. for its intended purpose until his identity was exposed, but J'onn received a presidential pardon and remained director of the D.E.O. J'onn continued to use Hank's appearance for convenience sake around D.E.O. agents and for public appearances

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