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Synonyms: gyaku kapu, rarepair, jadou, ibara
See also: kappuringu, pairing
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While kappuringu is commonly used to mean pairing in Japanese fandoms, a gyaku kappuringu (逆カップリング, gyaku kappuringu) or "reversed pairing" is a pairing in which the most popular "roles" of uke and seme characters are reversed. For any popular pairing, many (though not all) fandoms have a majority of fans who prefer one particular character to take only the uke role and the other of the two to take only the seme role. Fans who prefer to ship that pairing with the roles the other way around are sometimes so clearly in the minority that their preferred in-pairing roles become known as the "reversed" version of the popular pairing.[1]

To fans of a gyaku kappuringu, their experience may feel like ibara or jadou.


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