Gunnerkrigg Court

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Name: Gunnerkrigg Court
Abbreviation(s): GKC, GC
Creator: Tom Siddell
Date(s): 4.4.2005 - current
Medium: webcomic
Country of Origin: England
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Gunnerkrigg Court is a webcomic by Tom Siddell that updates three times a week. As of January 2012 it has 35 chapters and over 900 pages. The first 31 chapters have been released as three books.

The comic follows Antimony (Annie) Carver and her best friend Katerina (Kat) Donlan and their adventures in Gunnerkrigg Court, a huge school that holds many secrets. With the help of other characters (including Robot, the spirit Reynardine/Renard that is trapped in Annie's toy dog, Kat's parents, the mysterious Jones, and their classmates) they try to uncover the origins of Gunnerkrigg Court, its history with the realm of the etheric, Gillitie woods, and what happened to the ghost Jeannie. While Kat learns more and more about the castle's robots, Annie, guided by Jones and the trickster spirit Coyote, discovers her talents as a medium.

Fandom Overview

The comic has its own forum where fans gather to discuss and collect fanart. There is also fanart on deviantArt, several vids on Youtube, and a small fandom on Tumblr, but very little on journals like Livejournal. A fan project to perform the webcomic in an audiobook/slideshow movie format exists and the first chapter has been released in November 2011.[1] There is also a community to recreate Gunnerkrigg Court on Minecraft.[2]

The most popular pairing is Annie/Kat, followed by Gamma/Zimmy and Parley/Smith. Other noticeable pairings include Robot/Shadow and Paz/Kat, particularly on Tumblr.

Tom Siddell interacts frequently with fans, especially in terms of answering questions regarding the many ongoing mysteries in the story, and providing background on minor recurring characters. His notes on new comics often make reference to popular fan theories, especially ones that have been debunked, like the theory that Jones is a robot. His characteristic answer to a question that might spoil future plot developments is, "That remains to be seen," which can be taken as the mark of a particularly good question.


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