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Grup is an older fannish term meaning "adult."

Its origin in Star Trek is from the Star Trek: TOS episode, "Miri," in which all adults on a planet have been killed by a plague, and the children remaining refer to adults as "grups," a form of "grown-up."

Another use: "Gamers Universal Role Playing Supplement."

Examples of Use

From The Halkan Council, two high school students who've been editing the letterzine for years, want to know more about K/S: "Both of us will be having a tough time keeping up with the new 'adult' fanfic, we're not 18 yet! Shirley hits the landmark of gruphood in August, with Sandy following in early Setpember -- will SOMEBODY tell us about Warped Space #20 and Gerry Downes Alternative? (As anyone will tell you, we're very mature for our *ages... ahem, coff*)"

From a Moonbeam flyer in 1978 regarding some Space:1999 stories: "Will we publish 'grup' stories? If tastefully done, with solid characterizations and good storylines, yes."

From the introduction to Kraith Collected #2 regarding "Ssarsun's Argument": "It is a milestone in that it marks the first of the "Kraith for grups" stories. Being privy to the events to come, I'll give you a hint -- watch "Spock" carefully. He shows up again in a very important context."