Grog Strongjaw

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Name: Grog Strongjaw
Occupation: Goliath Barbarian, member of Vox Machina
Relationships: Stonejaw Strongjaw - father
Pike Trickfoot - adopted sister
Kevdak - uncle
Zanroar - cousin
Fandom: Critical Role
Other: Played by Travis Willingham (IMDb)
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I would like to RAGE.
This barbarian has an appetite for the two great loves in his life: combat, women, and ale. Wait...
Geek and Sundry [1]
Hello, I’d like to share the news of our lord and savior, my axe in your face!
Episode 29

Grog Strongjaw is a fictional character played by Travis Willingham on a popular D&D web series Critical Role famously known for having an Intelligence of 6. Grog, a Goliath Barbarian is played as being fond of drinking, and will drink frequently and with great gusto. In early games, before Critical Role aired on March 12, 2015, Grog had already advanced several levels to level 9. [2] As of episode 115 of the Vox Machina arc, Grog was level 20.

Grog is fiercely loyal to Vox Machina. He is also impulsive, and this has caused issues for the group throughout the campaign [3]


There are currently nearly 1000 fanworks on Archive of Our Own featuring Grog Strongjaw. [4] Grog & Pike are often featured together in fanworks. Grog is sometimes shipped with Vax'ildan, likely due to their often pranking each other throughout the campaign.

After the Briarwood arc, Grog has received a magical sword called Craven Edge, which contained a malevolent soul, capable of speaking to Grog without being overheard by others. It served mostly as comic relief, and fans loved all those interactions. Some even shipped it.[5]










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