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Star Trek Fanfiction
Title: Gotterdammerung
Author(s): Djinn
Date(s): 2002
Genre: het
Fandom: Star Trek: The Original Series
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Gotterdammerung is a Star Trek: TOS Spock/Christine story by Djinn.

It was nominated for a 2002 ASC Award.

Reactions and Reviews

In this latest installment of her Slayer Series, Djinn finally lets the shoe drop. It's not as if the title doesn't warn you. I have said of her Carter series that a lot of what I liked so much about it was that it's a true series and that there are threads and arcs developed from story to story. That's no less true in Djinn's Slayer series. Djinn has always rung a lot of changes on Chapel. She's always strong, stronger than I can usually see in the canon Chapel and with none of the sappiness I do see--but the one in the Carter series is not the same you see in others--and this incarnation is darker than most. We've seen that in the other stories--Chapel's reserve and unwillingness to open up and tendency to go it alone and that all comes to a head here. The story features a love scene between Spock and Chapel as intense as any Djinn's written this year (and given her Kirk/Chapel and scenes in the Carter series that's saying a lot!). I thought I had read every single damn variation in creation on the meaning of the link between "bondmates" but Djinn surprised me with her take on it here. If for nothing else, that would make the story worth reading. But Djinn also writes a suspenseful, riveting story and brings to vivid life more than one original character that really captures the heart.[1]
This is the latest in Djinn's "Christine the Vampire Slayer" series. A bizarre premis, but it actually works. The darkness that was hinted at in "Set in Stone" comes to fruition in this story. Chapel's downward spiral is agonizing to watch, and it's harder still to watch the effects on those around her. Joss Whedon himself couldn't have written a more realistically self destructive character. This story has angst, humor, romance, and an impending apocalypse. What more could anyone want? [2]
Whoo! Another dark, creepy Christine the Vampire Slayer story, as the forces of evil are gathering for the last battle. Christine doesn't want to be the hero, but, of course, she doesn't have much of a choice. The angst is so well done here, as is the vamp-dusting action. Excellent! [3]


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