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Newsletter Community
Name: Gossip Girl News
Date(s): Dec 2007—June 2011 (on hiatus)
Moderator: caitiedidit, lim, crownofthorns
Founder: la_folle_allure
Fandom: Gossip Girl
URL: Gossip Girl News on LiveJournal Gossip Girl News on del.icio.us

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Gossip Girl News is an inclusive newsletter reporting current events in Gossip Girl fandom, mostly located on LiveJournal and Youtube. True to canon, it also carries spoilers and gossip about the show and various antics of the cast.


Founded by la_folle_allure in the December of 2007, the newsletter went on hiatus after three editions.[1] Caitiedidit then revived the community in April 2008, doing all the work by herself, and hand coding every entry. Also, she can fly.

Then in June 2008, lim came on board, dragging murklins by her hair, and set up half of an automatic posting interface. Almost immediately, lim was tragically eaten by the Archive of Our Own beta, leaving the newsletter to limp on until September, when, hurrah, Gossip Girl News rose again, now a 'Glued LJ newsletter[2] with a del.icio.us archive.

Delicious Crunchy Stats

The del.icio.us account[3] is probably the largest archive of Gossip Girl fanworks online. As well as serving as a central repository for readers, it is organised to make it easy to glean useful statistical data about Gossip Girl fandom trends from its archives[4] This is probably madness.


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  2. Autoformatted newsletters use a script by nounverb called delicious glue, generally heavily modified by murklins. Newsletters that use this system include:
  3. del.icio.us/gossipgirlnews
  4. For example, in October 2008 21 het vids were released.