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Name: Gongzi Changpei (公子长佩), Young Nobleman Changpei, Changpei Literary Forum
Date(s): 2010 -
Type: Online literature, danmei
URL: https://www.gongzichangpei.net/
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Gongzi Changpei is a well-known forum for discussing and publishing danmei (Chinese BL) fiction. It was founded in 2010 by a group of users from Jinjiang Literature City who were frustrated with that site's increasing censorship and commercialisation.

The site remained non-commercial up until May 2017, when the moderators announced on Weibo that the forum would become commercialised in June[1] in order to better support authors and prevent popular authors leaving for commercialised websites. This announcement came five months after the editorial team revealed that it had turned down an offer of investment that would have helped Gongzi launch an app, due to concerns over how that app would need to be regulated.[2]


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