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Name: Gerald Tarrant; The Hunter
Occupation: Sadistic undead sorcerer/Adept
Fandom: The Coldfire Trilogy
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Gerald Tarrant é um dos personagens principais da série literária The Coldfire Trilogy


The Neocount of Merentha, the Prophet of the Church for Human Unification on Erna. He was a visionary, an individual who sought more adamant uses of the Fae to tame the planet, which was contrary to the Church's primary goal of rendering humans null to the Fae. He sacrifices his humanity to gain untold control over the Fae by murdering his wife and children in a dark ritual. Thus was born the Hunter.

The Hunter is an Adept with unfathomable capability and power. In the sacrifice he gained a control over the Fae no man had ever dared dream of before. Not only can he control the Earth Fae with ease, he can now utilize the elusive and tantalizing Dark Fae, with which he can perform the most arcane and dark of Workings.

He becomes a vital component to the trilogy's story, which centers around the travels of the priest Damien Vryce. One of the primary plots of this series revolves around the Hunter's redemption, something that is thrust upon him as the story progresses.