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Name: Genre TV for All
Date(s): May 26, 2014 - present
Submissions: Submissions are encouraged.
Type: Resource/database, Podcast
Fandom: science fiction, fantasy, horror, and superhero live action television
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According to their website, Genre TV for All is “aiming to be a comprehensive listing of science fiction, fantasy, horror, and superhero live action television shows featuring female, person of color, LGBQA+ , trans/nonbinary, and disabled characters as leads or part of the main ensemble cast.”[1]

Main website

The TV Show Database is a color-coded list of “genre” shows that have female, person of color, lgbqa+, trans/nonbinary, or disabled leads. Each show then has a post featuring a short summary and basic info about the show, other relevant information regarding why it’s listed, and a warning about any problematic content. Followers and visitors are encouraged to contribute by submitting shows to the database.

The blog regularly features quotations from discussions, articles and interviews regarding representation in the media and related social justice issues.

On other media

  • @GenreTVforAll was created on June 26, 2014 in order to “share broader social justice focused media criticism from around the web.” [2]
  • As of January 1, 2015 the people behind GenreTVforAll have been hosting a weekly podcast in which they discuss various topics relating to the representation of marginalized groups in ongoing TV shows.

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