Geek Pride Day

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Event: Geek Pride Day
Date(s): May 25
Type: fandom observance
Fandom: Discworld, Star Wars, The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
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Geek Pride Day is a multi-fandom holiday and initiative to promote geek culture celebrated annually on May 25. The date coincides with the anniversary of the release of the first Star Wars film in 1977, Towel Day as celebrated by members of The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy fandom, and the Glorious 25 May for fans of Discworld. The event originated in Spain in 2006 as Día del Orgullo Friki.


Spanish blogger Germán Martínez is credited with organizing the first celebration of the day in 2006. The day was celebrated in areas throughout Spain and on the internet.

Rising Popularity

The first major U.S. celebrations took place in 2008 and led to increased attention from the media and bloggers. In 2009, the Science Channel offered special programming on May 25 to commemorate the day. Celebrations have spread to new cities each year as awareness of the day continues to grow.