Gaming at Conventions

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Many conventions have gaming as a planned activity in their programming.

Some Examples

In the 1980s, the Star Wars fan club, Forces of the Empire, hosted a live action role-playing event (a blaster battle) that usually took place on Saturday night of the convention.

From the 2012 MediaWest*Con program book:

Now, this year and after a try-out last year, the 'Zine Room expands its array of activities for con members by adding 2 tables (or possibly more) for Role-Playing Gaming under the direction of Chris Kaschafsky, long time gamer and gaming con organizer. A sign-up sheet and schedule with 4 hour time blocks will be posted in the 'Zine Room, to decide what games will be pursued and at what time. There will be up to 14 games available including "Settlers of Catan" -- up to 6 players; "Blokus "-- up to 4 players; "Hero I.K." -- 1-2 players, and the classic "Dungeons and Dragons" -- many players. We hope that many con members will be able to enjoy this opportunity for another fannish activity at MW*C. Come visit our space in the hotel's pub -- next to the elevators.

Some Popular Games