Games (Star Trek: TOS story by Teresa Hewitt)

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K/S Fanfiction
Title: Games
Author(s): Teresa Hewitt
Date(s): 1981
Genre: slash
Fandom: Star Trek: The Original Series
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Games is a Kirk/Spock story by Teresa Hewitt.

It was published in the print zine Cheap Thrills #1.


"The jaded ruler of a planet force Kirk and Spock to have sex in front of her after they and the rest of the survey party are captured, which mocks Kirkʼs fantasy of he and Spock making love in front of on audience."

Reactions and Reviews

This is another one of those "Kirk and Spock are forced to have sex in public" stories. Isnt it interesting how so many of our K/S stories fall into distinct categories? That means the stories can turn into very unsatisfying cliches, but the stories can also sometimes transcend their category and become truly memorable.

For me, Games is one of those stories I remember and enjoy. Kirk and Spock are already lovers as the story opens, although new enough to each other that they are still sometimes tentative and shy with each other. For example, Kirkhas spent many days reassuring Spock so that he knows he can be the aggressor in their lovemaking, and he's satisfied when Spock gets the message one night. Kirk whispers a fantasy in a pointed ear, that sometimes he imagines that there are many other people watching them make love. While Kirk finds that image very arousing, it doesn't do a thing for Spock.

Days later, the two are on a landing party on an unknown planet with several others, and through a series of well-plotted circumstances they are taken under a mountain where there is no contact with the ship, and no ability to reveal themselves and their circumstances because of the Prime Directive. The small group who lives there are devoted to the god Phlaeron, and to the sexual satisfaction of his representative on the planet, a spoiled, indolent woman, Jouhalla. To prevent Spock from being forced to sexually service Uhura in front of Jouhalla, Kirk "claims" him, says that no one else can put hands on Spock but him. This makes Jouhalla sit up straight in interest, for despite the fact that she's seen just about every sexual position and experienced every sexual satisfaction, apparently the idea of same-sex relations between males hasn't occurred to her. She gets all hot and bothered and demands that Kirk and Spock do it in front of her in homage to the God.

Of course Kirk is reluctant, but he's ever the strategist, so he uses her desire to see them have sex to arrange for Sulu and Uhura's release. It's the trade: the sex for their ability to get back to the ship. He's confident his crew will be able to come up with something that won't violate the Prime Directive.

But in the meantime, there's the question of the public sex-on demand. There's a lovely scene with Kirk, Spock and McCoy when Jouhalla allows them to rest and refresh themselves before the exhibition. They're sharing a warm tub of water when this exchange occurs:

"Silently, Spock entered the warm water. McCoy slipped in opposite them, feeling like a complete outsider as their gazes locked, Spock's dark and brooding. "This is not just yours?" the Vulcan said levelly. Kirk stared at him, wide-eyed, his thought flying back to an evening not long ago when they had lain close, and he had said— "... Look at me, Spock, and listen. I don't play around with us like that."

There's a great description of what happens when Kirk and Spock are taken before Jouhalla. Each are more than a little concerned that they won't be able to perform under such circumstances, but it turns out that the priestess has made contingency plans. There is a fiery drink to imbibe in a ritual toast, and ifs an aphrodisiac, a stimulant, and they go after each other with, uh, considerable enthusiasm.

Somehow they were covered in oil, and it was difficult to get a hold, but the slippery feel and glistening sheen of each other's flesh only aroused them further. Finally, Kirk found himself pinioned helplessly beneath Spock, his wrists held above his head in a firm grip, Spock impatiently spreading his legs wide. Kirk made one final struggle, but it was too late, and he was himself eagerly raising his hips, straining upwards, knees bent, longing to be penetrated."

Games is another fine story in this zine, making it well worth your time to borrow Cheap Thrills 1 from the library. [1]


  1. from The K/S Press #52