Galadriel Awards

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Name: Galadriel Awards or the Galadriel Video Awards
Date(s): December 2010-
Frequency: approximately 20 times a year (every two weeks)
Type: vidding
Associated Community:
Fandom: Multiple Fandoms
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The Galadriel Video Awards are fan run awards "dedicated to awarding the creative geniuses behind fandom music videos." They are open to all media fandoms except for anime/manga or porn movies. After 10 rounds of winners have been announced, there is a special "Best Of The Best" award that selects the best vids from the previous rounds. It is typical of many of the single person awards that cropped up in the mid to late 2000s.


Vids are automatically entered into the following categories:

  • Best Vid: which won the most 1st place
  • Best Edit: which won the most of all 1st place the technically categories (Effect, Music Use, Lyrics Use)
  • Most Original: which in my opinion the most original among the participant vids.
  • Best Vidlet: the vid length less than 2 minutes
  • Judge Choice: it is the most totally subjective category :)

Vidders can choose to submit their vids into the following categories:

  • Best Action: Lots of fight, action, explosions, fight, etc.
  • Best AU: Alternate universe, it's not happened in the series or film.
  • Best Character: Character-centric storyline.
  • Best Couple (conventional): typically female/male pair, not necessary romantic relationship.
  • Best Couple (unconventional): other characters (vampire, demons, witches, wizards, elves, etc.)
  • Best Crossover: You use two or more different fandom for your storyline.
  • Best Drama: Emotionally driven storyline.
  • Best Effect: The effects what you used give more meanings to your vid or not.
  • Best Ensemble: Follows multiple characters and brings their stories together.
  • Best Idea: If you think conception of your vid very rare, this category will be yours :)
  • Best Overview: Best summarizes an episode, a season, or the overall show itself.
  • Best POV: Focus is from a character's point-of-view, not just about the character and it is strongly recognizable.
  • Best Relationship: Friendship or other (non romantic) relationship between 2 or more characters,
  • Best Romance (conventional): romantic relationship between female/male character
  • Best Romance(unconventional): Other romantic relationship between 2 or more characters (vampires, demons, slash (male or female), etc.)
  • Best Song Use: How you take the lyrics and the song and make them work with your video,
  • Best Music Use: How you use the music in your vid.
  • Best Lyrics Use: How fit the lyrics with your vid.
  • Best Storyteller: The story of your vid can be easily recognizable.
  • Best Villain: it's oblivious :)
  • Most Humorous: Your vid make me laugh a lot - the vid will be both standard or black comedy.
  • Most Sensual: Sexy but no porn.


Winners can be found listed here.