Galactica Gazette

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Title: Galactica Gazette
Publisher: Battlestar One, a fan club out of Oregon
Editor(s): Serina
Date(s): around early 1980
Medium: print
Fandom: Battlestar Galactica (1978)
Language: English
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Galactica Gazette is a newsletter that has at least four issues.

From Forum #3: "Battlestar One is a non-official non-profit fan club designed for fans of Battlesta: Galactica. The 'Galactica Gazette' is a B-ls Official fanzine. It dwells on the most enjoyable aspects of Battlestar: Galactica. It presently contains Starbuck's 'Galactica Review.' Anthony Targonskis' 'Echoes from the Eastern Alliance,' Kevin Halstead's 'Galactiiquic' and much more! To join us, all you have to do is send $5.oo Union Fee (yearly)..."

At one point, there was a submission request for stories in the all-female Silver Squadron series. One of the two fans who was writing these stories already writes a personal statement in Universal Translator #6 saying that only one zine has the right to publish these stories based on that idea. "You may not be aware of it, but Linda Rose and I started that series... in November 1978. The only zine we allow such stories is Spica. Due to a large number of important features not yet brought out in the stories published, Linda and I feel that the only ones who can write about the squadron, as set up in our 'BSG' alternate universe) are Linda and myself thus far... We feel that some confusion may arise. Some people may join your club because they think it has something to do with [our universe]. Some people may not join your club because they think it has something to do with [our universe]. Either way, some people will be misinformed... This could be taken care of if you change the name of your squadron. If that is impossible, the other thing to do is to let everyone know your club is not connected to our Silver Squadron nor endorsed by us... This should save a lot of time and hassle --neither of which makes being an editor of a zine or the president of a club any easier."