Frollo & Gaston

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Gen Relationship
Relationship: Frollo & Gaston
Alternative name(s): Gaston & Frollo
Fandom: Beauty and the Beast/The Hunchback Of Notre-Dame crossover (Disney Crossovers)
Type: Bromance
Canonical?: No
Prevalence: Fandom Bromance
See also:
Frollo and Gaston doing the Bro Pose in The Frollo Show
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The relationship between Frollo and Gaston has been a popular one by fans of both Disney films and they've often been paired up together in YouTube videos. The reason for their pairing may have to do with their common similarities, being villains in the Disney Renaissance era, both from France and having their overall goal be lust. Not to mention that they're both from movies dealing with the theme of beauty on the inside, with them filling the spot of being a monster on the inside.


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