Friends & Strangers, Near & Far

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Title: Friends & Strangers, Near & Far
Publisher: T'hy'la Press
Editor(s): Jane Freitag
Date(s): July 1980 (100 copies)
Medium: print
Fandom: filks about Star Trek: TOS and Star Wars
Language: English
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Friends & Strangers, Near & Far is a gen 50-page filk, poetry, and art zine.

Contributors include Barbara Gordon, Ruth Kurz, T. Hehne, Jane Freitag, Trinette Kern, Elaine Tripp, Lisa Sharf, and more.

front cover
inside sample

It contains all the words and music/guitar chords for the songs on the tape, It's Time to Fly Again.


  • It's Time to Fly Again by Jane Freitag (1)
  • City on the Edge of Forever: Afterthoughts by Debra Braun Anderson (2)
  • The Universe is Ours by Jane Freitag (3)
  • Born in Friendship by Jane Freitag (4)
  • Reach Within Yourself, Starship Captain by Sharon Decker (5)
  • A Song for the Doctor by Jane Freitag (6)
  • Triad by Veronica Stade (7)
  • Did You Say You Love Me? by Trinette L. Kern (8)
  • Call of Tomorrow by Jane Freitag (10)
  • A Diamond Named Enterprise by Lisa Sharf (11)
  • The Helmsman by Jane Freitag (16)
  • Heart's Home by Tarsie Dehne and Jane Freitag (18)
  • Tears, Dreams, and Starshps by Sharon Perdue (23)
  • Call of the Silver Lady by Elaine Tripp (25)
  • Tomorrow... and Forever by Jane Freitag (27)
  • Kites and Windmills by Jane Freitag (28)
  • Summer's Ending by Elaine Tripp (31)
  • T'hy'la by Jane Freitag (32)
  • The Time At Last Has Come by Sharon Perdue (34)
  • New Human Love Song by Jane Freitag (35)
  • Worlds of Fanzines by Elaine Tripp (37)
  • The Officers by Jane Freitag (38)
  • Spock, the Half-Human Vulcan by Anonymous (40)
  • Limerick by Milwaukee Bill (40)
  • T'was the Night Before Plak Tow by Beth Lentz (41)
  • It's No Fun Being a Droid by Jane Freitag (42)
  • Gilligan Style by Beth Lentz (43)
  • Redundant by Jane Freitag (44)
  • The Pits by Liz Persic (45)
  • Silver Lady by Jane Freitag (46)
  • Luke's Tragedy by Debra Braun Anderson (48)
  • Space by Lisa Sharf (49)
  • Let's Build a Dream by Jane Freitag (50)

Reactions and Reviews

Marilyn asked me to review Friends & Strangers, Near & Far which is like asking a junk-food junky to evaluate a gourmet meal. I love bawdy limericks, for example, and Jane Freitag has nary a one in her collection of filk songs, poetry, and art work. Her lyrics are sentimental and uplifting. The lives she depicts are idealized. "Come with me the future's waiting. Do not stand there hesitating," she writes in her "Call of Tomorrow". Most of her poems echo this invitation. My favorite piece by Jane, though, is the humorous one entitled "Redundant" in which she takes a few pot shots at Star Trek cliches. Two other poems seemed particularly noteworthy: "Luke's Tragedy" by Debra Braun Anderson and "Twas the Night Before Plak Tow" by Beth Lentz. Needless to say, the two pieces had nothing in common except that each appealed to me. [1]


  1. ^ from Spin Dizzie #5