Fresh Beaver Tails

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Title: Fresh Beaver Tails
Publisher: Bill Hupe
Editor(s): Bill Hupe and Peg Kennedy
Date(s): May 1992
Medium: print
Fandom: Alien Nation
Language: English
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front cover by Teegar

Fresh Beaver Tails is a gen Alien Nation 60-page anthology with the subtitle, "The San Francisco Treat."

The art is by Nola Frame-Gray, Robert Jan, Todd Parrish, and Teegar.

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From GAZ v.6 n.1 (July 1993) and Media Monitor:
It's finally here! Features a novella by Roberta Rogow: Matt and George investigate a Tenctonese murder, and a cat is the only eyewitness. 'Visitation': Matt has a talk with Uncle Moodri -- after his death. 'Run of Luck': George ignores a chain letter and Matt gets all the bad luck, more... Poetry, art by Teeger, McClure, and others.


  • Avenging Angel by CaroIMel Ambassador (4)
  • Just the Prom... by Todd Parrish (7)
  • Standing in the Rain, poem by Michelle Christian (originally in Rough 'n Ready) (10)
  • Possessions or Matt S’Cat by Roberta Rogow (11)
  • Alien Beauty, poem by Vonne Shepard (33)
  • Sitting at Home, poem by Michelle Christian (originally in Rough 'n Ready) (34)
  • Run of Luck by K. Condon (35)
  • Alien Nation, filk to the tune of Cherokee Nation by Teri Sarick (39)
  • Visitation, vignette by Sue-Anne Hartwick (40)
  • Walking Away, poem by Michelle Christian (originally in Rough 'n Ready) (42)

Interior Sample