Fresh Beaver Tails

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Title: Fresh Beaver Tails
Publisher: Bill Hupe
Editor(s): Bill Hupe and Peg Kennedy
Date(s): May 1992
Medium: print
Fandom: Alien Nation
Language: English
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front cover by Teegar

Fresh Beaver Tails is a gen Alien Nation 60-page anthology with the subtitle, "The San Francisco Treat."

The art is by Nola Frame-Gray, Robert Jan, Todd Parrish, and Teegar.

From a Submission Request

1990: The San Francisco treat is now accepting submissions based on either ALIEN NATION the movie or on the TV series. Poetry, short fiction, long fiction, novels, art, etc. We hope to have Issue #1 out by the end of 1990. So get outta your pod and send your ALIEN NATION submissions to Bill Hupe and Peg Kennedy.

From a Ad

From GAZ v.6 n.1 (July 1993) and Media Monitor:

It's finally here! Features a novella by Roberta Rogow: Matt and George investigate a Tenctonese murder, and a cat is the only eyewitness. 'Visitation': Matt has a talk with Uncle Moodri -- after his death. 'Run of Luck': George ignores a chain letter and Matt gets all the bad luck, more... Poetry, art by Teeger, McClure, and others.


  • Avenging Angel by CaroIMel Ambassador (4)
  • Just the Prom... by Todd Parrish (7)
  • Standing in the Rain, poem by Michelle Christian (originally in Rough 'n Ready) (10)
  • Possessions or Matt S’Cat by Roberta Rogow (11)
  • Alien Beauty, poem by Vonne Shepard (33)
  • Sitting at Home, poem by Michelle Christian (originally in Rough 'n Ready) (34)
  • Run of Luck by K. Condon (35)
  • Alien Nation, filk to the tune of Cherokee Nation by Teri Sarick (39)
  • Visitation, vignette by Sue-Anne Hartwick (40)
  • Walking Away, poem by Michelle Christian (originally in Rough 'n Ready) (42)

Interior Sample