Frequently Asked Questions about the Divine Adoratrice

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Interviews by Fans
Title: Frequently Asked Questions about the Divine Adoratrice
Interviewer: Katrina Bowen
Interviewee: Katrina Bowen
Date(s): probably 1998
Medium: online
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Frequently Asked Questions about the Divine Adoratrice is a set of questions posted by The Divine Adoratrice at The Divine Adoratrice's World o'Fanfic.


"How did you come up the 'Divine Adoratrice' nom?"

Much as it pains me to admit this, I didn't come up with it. "The Divine Adoratrice" (sometimes given as "Adoratrix") was the title of the high priestess of Amon in Egyptian religion. I came across the phrase while doing some research in college, and it's been rattling around in my brain ever since. This seemed as good a place to get it out of my system as any. There were a number of women who held the office; two of the more interesting were Chapenoupet (or Shepenwhepet) II and Makare, who was buried with a baboon's mummy.

"How did you start writing fanfic?"

At the time I was getting hooked up on the Internet, I was deeply into Due South. I looked up the official website; that wasn't enough, so I looked up some fan sites. I read a bunch of fanfic and I thought, "Hmmm. Looks like fun. Wonder if I could do that?" Turned out that I could.

"Boy, people who don't like slash sure are mean, aren't they?"

Erm. Could we draw a distinction between people who hate slash and those who simply don't care for it? It's a taste like any other, and I don't see any point in getting upset simply because someone disagrees with me about slash; and most of the people who don't care for slash simply don't care for it. It doesn't lube their engine, so they don't read it. I respect that. In fact, if someone strongly dislikes slash and gives their reasons -- well, I might decide to argue the point, but I'm not going to try to talk them into liking what they hate. But when someone tries to decide for others whether they should like slash... now, those are mean people.

"Have you ever considered writing in any other fandoms?"

This is a tough one. I'm a fanfic writer who doesn't actually watch all that much television. I've never been terribly interested in science fiction, so I'm basically cut off at the knees right there. I'm a huge "Homicide" fan but I've never written any fanfic for one very good reason: Frank Pembleton scares the bejesus out of me. I'm afraid that if I didn't get the character exactly right, he would lunge out of my monitor and smack me silly.

I'll venture into other fandoms now and then. I'll read just about any X-Files fic with Skinner -- and I've astonished myself by actually enjoying some of the Ares/Joxer stories, especially when they're written by Miriam.

"Why did you leave Geocities?"

The primary reason is that some distinctly unpleasant Homicide fans started making threats [1]after I declined to say that Bayliss and Mulder were the finest gosh-wow couple in the history of all fandom. I have to admit that I briefly considered collating some of the more interesting e-mails and guestbook entries and then posting them in one of their guestbooks. However (and fortunately for all involved, I suspect), my mother's repeated lectures about "not stooping to their level" kicked in. The easiest threat to deal with was the one about reporting my page as containing porn. Solution: pack up my stories and hie myself to a place of safety. As for dealing with my harassers, I've decided to give them all the attention they deserve. In other words, none.

The secondary reason for leaving is, if I had to close down one more pop-up ad I would have done something... unwise.

"So where's the sequel to The Jungle Book?"

I'm writing an outline, all right? I'm still not quite sure if it'll turn into anything, but I've written a few scenes, and I'll see where it goes from there.

"Now that you have 'Pictures of the Past' on your site, are you going to be posting any other zine stories here?"

Probably not. Some of you may be aware that my organizational skills are, shall we say, not all they could be. The last time I switched computers, I diligently made sure that I had at least two copies of each story on floppy disk, along with a printout. However, it never occured to me that I might want to write down what story appeared in which zine. Frankly, time is at a premium for me right now, and I'd rather not take the time to sort the mess out.

"Why are you trying to keep people from reading the stories they want to read?"

This is such a charmingly bizarre question that I had to throw it in. It usually comes after I've expressed an opinion on something; sooner or later, sure as shooting, someone will pop up and ask "Who are you to decide what people should read?" My friends, if I had the kind of godlike powers that allowed me to control the minds of complete strangers, I could find much more interesting uses for them than criticizing fanfic.


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