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Star Trek DS9 Fanfiction
Title: For You
Author(s): Kathryn Ramage
Date(s): 1990s
Genre: slash
Fandom: Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
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For You is a Garak/Bashir story Kathryn Ramage.


Reactions and Reviews

For You is the second part in The Claiming trilogy. It is enjoyable and recommended by the reviewer, but it is less plot driven and significantly shorter than the first and third parts. For You is the most grounded in cannon of the three parts and acts as a bridge between the first and third parts. For You details Bashir's reactions to the news that Garak has killed Entek.

Despite Entek having kidnapped and tortured Bashir, the good doctor is still distressed to learn that Garak is still capable of murder even if it was to protect Bashir. Those of us who have seen five seasons (or more by the time you read this review) of DS9 need to remember how naive Bashir was at the beginning of the third season. This Bashir has never killed in anger. He is innocent of the intense emotions that are an intregal part of Garak. Stardates are notoriously vague, but the Bashir in For You is only a few months older than the Bashir who confronted Enabrin Tain to save Garak.

For You is primarily a monologue and conversation. The action took place in the episode Second Skin and it is highly recommended that the reader has seen the episode before reading the story. The story is non-explicit and should be accessable to even the most casual slash fans. [1]


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