Footloose (film)

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Name: Footloose
Creator: Dean Pitchford
Date(s): 1984 (film), 1998 (stage musical), 2011 (remake film)
Medium: Live-action film, music soundtrack, theater
Country of Origin: USA
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Footloose began as a hit film in 1984 featuring Kevin Bacon and Lori Singer. The story of teenagers rebelling against religious restrictions in a small American town, and successfully restoring music and dance to their lives is an eternally popular theme. A theater version followed in 1998 and a remake film was made in 2011. The title song to the successful soundtrack remains popular decades later.


While there are scattered fanworks for the original film and remake, the popularity of Footloose is revealed mostly in the number of fusion fanworks using elements of the film or the music, and the way it has become a popular culture reference.

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