Flirting with Danger

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Title: Flirting with Danger
Author(s): BoldAsBrass
Date(s): 13 October 2019
Length: 4,720 words
Genre: slash
Fandom: Alex Rider
External Links: Flirting with Danger (AO3)

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Flirting with Danger is a Yassen/Alex story by BoldAsBrass.


When Yassen saves his life by claiming Alex is his boyfriend, Alex should probably have guessed that there would be a catch.

Recs and Reviews

Basically THE gateway fic into Yalex for me - short and sweet, snappy narration and dialogue, a sleekly dangerous Yassen and Alex who might be a skilled, pragmatic adult but quickly realises he’s in over his head. Sprinkle in a bit of dubcon and scorching hot writing and you get this perfect fic.[1]

Alex Rider Ship Week


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