Flashback (Star Trek: DS9 story)

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Title: Flashback
Author(s): Bren Antrim
Genre: slash
Fandom: Star Trek: DS9
External Links: Hosted on the author's website

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Flashback is a Star Trek: DS9 story by Bren Antrim. It was her first fanfic.

Author's Comments

The author describes meeting the actor who portrayed Julian Bashir at a con in Seattle:
Got me interested. I looked at him and I thought, "He's got very old eyes in such a young face," and then, "What could Bashir do with that?" And then I wrote a story called "Flashback" that was the first fan story that I published. I did not know anyone else ever read fanfiction; I'd never heard of fanfiction, so I got on one of the bulletin boards I was on and I went, "Um, I wrote this story, about this Star Trek character, he's kind of, you know, his background as a prostitute? And does anybody else wanna to read this?"... [laughing] And they were like, "Only the entire Internet wants to read this."... And I was like, "Really? There's something for this?" [1]
The author mentions her involvement in the diverse bulletin boards of the time, a good thing, as "Flashback" was shot down by a friend, something that alone, may have nipped her writing in the bud:
And it was a really good thing that I [got involved in bulletin boards], because I'd met a friend, who was just a regular fan friend, at a convention in, like 1995, something like that. And I sent that first Deep Space 9 story to her. And I got back an eight-page tirade about how it was filth, and I was sick, and I thought, "Hmm, okay. Perhaps everyone isn't interested in this. And perhaps no one should read this. And I don't care, because I really liked it anyway." So that board is what convinced me to not just write my stories and stick them in my drawer. [Interview interjects: It told you that the Internet does, in fact, love the prostitute backstory?] Well, indeed. [laughter] It told me that the whole "Let's beat up Bashir so he can be all vulnerable and pretty and win in the end" is absolutely a trope that many women enjoy! [laughter] And so that was fun! [2]


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