Five on the Dime

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Title: Five on the Dime
Creator: shati
Date: Nov 2006
Length: 2:53 minutes
Music: "Five on the Dime," by Noe Venable
Fandom: Buffy the Vampire Slayer
URL: vid announcement

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Five on the Dime is a Buffy fanvid by shati. It was reviewed by aycheb on December 2, 2006 at the reel.


A dark, complex and multi-layered Buffy vid that insinuates itself into the mind of its protagonist and under the skin of the viewer. I love it. [1]
I love the way you pull images, moments, and scenes together to form this beautiful blanket of what Buffy is and the moments that made it what is was. The song is so dark and sad in a lot of way and you used it to the full extent without pushing it beyond the limits. Your editing of the clips is amazing and perfect for the source and the music. There’s nothing smart I can say about it because it’s all there and it’s beautiful. [2]
The almost stream-of-consciousness style of editing was really refreshing and interesting and I think it worked really well with the song you selected. I also loved the relatively obscure clip selections (the scenes from "Killed By Death" and the footage of Dawn in the alley in "The Gift" were especially intriguing.) I would pick out favorite moments but I literally can't, I love every moment of this so much. It gives the show this almost dream like feeling, kind of dark but also really beautiful. Anyway, great work and thank you for posting this! [3]
Aside from being a really neat song, I really like what this vid says about the choices Buffy, and a few others, have made over the run. These aren't even my life for the world type things, though some times they are; they're my life or hers, or her life or his. It hurts, a lot. [4]


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