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Title: Fishtales
Publisher: Deep Dark Press
Editor(s): [Jan H]
Date(s): 1994 - 1997
Medium: print zine
Fandom: SeaQuest
Language: English
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Fishtales is a gen SeaQuest anthology. It ran for four issues.

Summaries below from the publisher:

Issue 1

cover of issue #1

Fishtales 1 contains 97 pages. Art by Barbara J C and Sandra F. It was published in 1994 and has 100 pages.

  • "In the Shadow of Death" by Angela F. O'Neill gets shot during a violent takeover of the ship. Length: 22 pages
  • "...And a Bottle of Rum" by Sandra F. Crocker and Krieg get trapped when seaQuest is holed... Length: 16 pages
  • "Chow Mein and Bowling," by Angela F. Ford, O'Neill, Ortiz and Krieg go on shore leave. All O'Neill wanted to do was sit in the local library in peace, reading. Ortiz and Krieg had other ideas... Length: 11 pages
  • "Personal Demon," by Jan H. There's someone coming aboard that Krieg would really rather not meet up with again... Length: 12 pages
  • "A Rose By Any Other Name" by Angela F. After he takes charge of an incredibly valuable plant, Krieg begins to behave strangely. Hitchcock and O'Neill soon have very good cause to be concerned! Length: 21 pages

Issue 2

cover of issue #2

Fishtales 2 contains 90 pages. Art by Sandra Finch.

  • "Snafu" by Linda C. Crash Krieg strikes again, and the seaQuest crew are involved in a race against time to rescue O'Neill, Ortiz and Krieg froma buried and damaged launch. Length: 27 pages
  • "Decisions" by Sandra F. Set at the end of 'Nothing But the Truth' it deals with Commander Ford's feelings regarding his future, and his relationship with his least favourite lieutenant. Length: 3 pages
  • "Briley" by Melissa W. A second season story centred around the character of Katherine Hitchcock. Missing, believed dead, Hitchcock falls into the hands of a terrorist whose twisted mind sees her as a figure from his past. Length: 21 pages
  • "Final Countdown" by Angela F. O'Neill and Krieg get stranded on a plague-ridden island, where most of the inhabitants are already dead... Length: 23 pages

Issue 3

cover of issue #3

Fishtales 3 is a 112-page novel called "Darwin's Song" by Jan H. It was published in 1996. This is a single-story zine set immediately after the events of the first-season episode 'Such Great Patience'. It deals with what happens after Krieg fails to return from the alien ship. Comb bound, color cover, artwork by Sandra F and Barbara J Caldwell.

Issue 4

Fishtales 4 was published in 1997. It has 104 (109?) pages. Contains first season fiction by Angela F, Diane K and Betsy M, and third season fiction by Sue Thomas and Deanna Toxopeus. Comb bound, color cover.

  • Blind Spot by Sue T. Dagwood takes part in a mission with a bunch of new crewmembers. He soon finds out why Tony calls them the equivalent of a red shirt landing party...
  • In Days Gone By by Betsy M. This story is particularly interesting as it works in both fiction and fact, following the discovery of an ancient artefact by the seaQuest.
  • Profit And Loss by Angela F. Krieg and O'Neill go on shore-leave in Hawaii. But when they run into some old acquaintances of Krieg's who have a score to settle, it's O'Neill who takes the bullet. Krieg and Ortiz are looking for revenge...
  • Fallen Legend by Diane Kachmar. Set in season two right before Dream Weaver, but this story is all about Nathan and Kristin and romance...
  • Disaster by Deanna Toxopeus. Set immediately after the season two finale, this story deals with the aftermath of the seaQuest's battle with the aliens.
  • On A Wing And A Halo by Pam Miles. This wistful, yet fun little story deals with Bridger and Carol and Robert... and Krieg doing some illicit trading with the Regulator... you'd think he would have learnt his lesson the first time!
  • Nightmares And Dreamscapes by Rachel Brody. Lucas is having a really bad day...
  • Includes artwork by Sandra F and Barbara J C