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Synonyms: Disney's First Gay Character
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The First Gay Disney Character refers to a noticed pattern regarding Disney's attempts at including queer representation.

Okay, so to qualify for a first gay Disney character there has to be some kind of big social ruckus around you. Or Disney themselves, or the film makers involved, need to claim that you are gay representation. But it also has to be a bit disappointing. So the next time such a character occurs, the process can start all over again. So examples might be ambiguous representation, like good old Oaken we just mentioned. It might also be a fleeting moment in the background, a side character who just seems a little bit gay but it's never confirmed in the movie itself, an ambiguous gay-ish scene which is easily removed for the homophobic global markets, not using the word gay or instead leaning heavily on euphemism or relying on nothing but stereotypes to suggest being gay at all.
Rowan Ellis in the video unhinged lesbian hosts disney's "first gay character" olympics

Though many of these characters involve being either specifically gay or lesbian, or vaguely ambiguous, the trope can also apply to other specific identities like pansexual, such as in the case of Lando Calrissian in Solo.


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