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Title: Firimar
Author(s): Ithilwen
Date(s): 2002
Length: ~900 words
Genre: character vignette, futurefic, gen
Fandom: The Silmarillion
External Links: @HASA;; Ithilwen's Geocities site (Oocities copy)

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Firimar is a Silmarillion vignette by Ithilwen, first published in April 2002. It is archived at HASA, and Ithilwen's personal site. Set in Aman, in the distant future, it is told by an unnamed first-person narrator, who is gradually revealed to be Finrod Felagund. The author's summary is:

Do the Elves in Aman ever look back at Middle Earth?

Altariel recorded a podfic of the story in 2008 for Amplificathon; it is 6 min 50s long.[1] As of November 2012, it is the only Silmarillion podfic archived at the Audiofic Archive.

Reception and Reviews

'Firimar' was generally well received, with reviewers praising the original concept, novel perspective and surprise ending, as well as the vignette's bittersweet tone. Some of the following reviews contain spoilers for the story's ending.

A bittersweet future fic with an ending that surprised me (Espresso Addict)[2]

I'd read this story awhile ago, I realized, and I'm long overdue to comment on it. Finrod would be among the last to abandon Middle-earth. I liked the way that the Eldar slowly have weaned themselves of the ties to Middle-earth, and now on Eressea, he is nearly the only one who will look back to Middle-earth through the palantir. A nostalgic and bittersweet tale. (Dwimordene)[3]

This was a touching story, told in first person, which is so fascinating when done well. I kept trying to guess the narator, but, in the end, I suppose it doesn't matter just who he is. He is, and he keeps watching. (Ainaechoiriel)[3]

I think what I like best about this fic is the idea that Finrod, the first of the Noldor to see men, is now also the last. It's a wonderfully tragic thought, and contained within this story is also the idea that the elves have completely faded away from the world and are now more or less stagnant, another wonderfully tragic thought. I love the way Finrod characterizes men, admiring their strengths and their weaknesses both. I love the idea that the other elves who were also drawn to look back have now stopped returning and so missed the first moon walk. Bittersweet and somber. Very lovely mood-setting story. (Thundera Tiger)[3]

This is a wonderful story, to think that Finrod still looks back down on his beloved Atani and their achievements. It brings a whole new perspective to the moon landings, but I hope Finrod hasn't been watching all the terrorism and acts of violence lately, that would make him cry too, but not in a good way. (Jillian)[3]

I loved this unusual look at the Fourth Age of Men, or whatever we are in today. Nobody does Silmarillion characters like Ithilwen. First read this at Barrowdowns and never forgot its unique look at Mortals. (Chathol-linn)[3]

What a surprise ending! I liked reading about an elf who liked and respected the second born. (Larian Elensar)[3]


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