Feral (Hawaii Five-0 series)

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Title: Feral
Author(s): Cattraine
Date(s): 14 March 2012 - 11 August 2014
Length: 31,329 words
Genre: slash fanfiction
Fandom: Hawaii Five-0
External Links: Feral (AO3)

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Feral is a Steve/Danny series by Cattraine.


  • Feral: The Awakening - The world news called the virus the ‘Berserker Virus’ because, like the rabies virus, it affected the brain and drove its victims mad.
  • Feral: Wolf in Sheep's Clothing - They found Danny! He’s alive!
  • Feral: Timestamp II - Honeymoon - Honeymoon not so much fun.
  • Honey Trap - Joe White makes a massive error in judgement.

Recs and Reviews

PLEASE?! Any and all the McDanno fics! I want to delve into the deep end :D *makes grabby hands* I will take any and all recommendations. ^^
My favorite is the Feral series by Cattraine. It’s utterly dark and inexplicably addictive; I’ve literally gone back and re-read this series at least half-a-dozen times. It’s got the whole ‘there’s a strain of some unknown virus spreading around and everyone infected is dying, but - oh, look - this person is just fine and surely is a medical mystery’ thing going on and it is wonderful.[1]
boazpriestly: I need McDanno fic recs!
copbydayfangirlbynight: “Feral; The Awakening” This is one of my favorites, but READ ALL WARNINGS. This one gets DARK.
sherlock2g: How bad are the feral fics? Are they extremely violent?
copbydayfangirlbynight: They do get pretty violent, yeah, especially Feral; The Awakening, that one is extremely dark[2]


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