Felicity Smoak & Caitlin Snow

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Gen Relationship
Relationship: Felicity Smoak & Caitlin Snow
Alternative name(s): Caitlicity, Snowlicity, Smoaking Snow
Fandom: Arrow, The Flash
Type: Friends and Allies
Canonical?: Canon Friends/Allies
See also: Felicity Smoak/Caitlin Snow.
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Felicity & Caitlin is the gen relationship of Felicity Smoak and Caitlin Snow from the Arrow and The Flash universe.


Felicity and Caitlin first meet each other during one of Felicity's trips to see a comatose Barry Allen,[1] although it probably wasn't until Felicity visited Barry after he woke up[2] that the two grew closer after rescuing him from a metahuman. They seem even closer by the time Team Arrow appears in Central City,[3] with Caitlin rescuing Felicity after her shirt was on fire and Felicity defending Caitlin to Barry after his hurtful comment about Ronnie. Felicity trusts Caitlin with pulling out DNA out of the arrows that killed Sara Lance, which Caitlin goes to Starling City to do.[4]


The fandom behind the friendship of Felicity and Caitlin didn't seem to appear until Felicity makes her appearance in 1x4 of The Flash, but it grew larger with the two crossover episodes of Flarrow, where there were more scenes between Felicity and Caitlin. Many fans often reblogs gifs and picspams of the two together on Tumblr where the most of their fandom is located.




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