Fearless Golden

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Title: Fearless, Golden
Author(s): rubynye
Date(s): December 2008
Length: 3409 words
Genre: missing scenes
Fandom: Mary Renault
External Links: "Fearless,Golden"

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"Fearless, Golden" is a short story by rubynye based on Mary Renault's novels The King Must Die and The Bull from the Sea. It was originally written as a Yuletide 2008 gift for fawatson and posted to the Yuletide website (now defunct). It was subsequently re-posted to AO3 in January 2010 where it can be easily accessed.

Chryse spends the day with Hippolyta and reminisces about her life as a bull leaper in Crete and tells the story of her relationship with Amyntor.

"Fearless Golden " elicited several comments when originally posted for Yuletide but the re-posting only elicited kudos from two people (one presumes because this was simply a re-posting).