Fansplaining: The Money Question 2: The Appening

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Podcast Episode
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Episode Title: The Money Question 2: The Appening
Length: 1:25:24
Featured: Elizabeth Minkel, Flourish Klink, Earlgreytea68
Date: March 4, 2020.
Focus: Fandom and Profit, AO3 App Wars
External Links: The Money Question 2: The Appening (includes show notes, audio, and transcript)

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Fansplaining: The Money Question 2: The Appening is episode 121 of the meta podcast Fansplaining. The episode discusses the AO3 App Wars and broader questions of fandom and profit.


"In Episode 121, Flourish and Elizabeth revisit the themes of an earlier episode about fanfiction and money in the wake of the recent brouhaha about apps like Fanfic Pocket Archive Library. They talk to fanfic author and copyright law professor Earlgreytea68 about “the AO3 App Wars,” digging into topics like the basics of U.S. copyright law, the AO3’s non-monetization policies, and the legal, moral, and ethical dimensions of who is (and who should be) permitted to make money from fanfic."[1]


Some Topics Discussed


Reactions & Reviews

"To all my friends who’ve ever published (or read) fic on ao3, I super recommend this podcast episode by fansplaining"[2]

Rec by @mackerel_pizza


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