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Roles & duties of wiki editors

Note: Users are people who read the wiki but do not contribute material. They may or may not use "talk" pages.


Contributors are users who register with an intent to edit existing or contribute new material to the wiki. They should adhere to the guidelines provided in order to maintain the wiki's policies, though they may have varying levels of involvement - they may sign up to correct a single page, or with the intent to frequently add/edit. Overall, these users:

  • Create and add to pages with the intent to expand and improve the wiki
  • Edit pages boldly with the good-faith intent to correct and improve the wiki
  • Work with each other and admins to resolve disputes
  • Employ user-collaborative knowledge building - editing in areas the user is familiar with, with the intent to improve the wiki
  • Avoid disruptive editing (ref
  • Accept and employ consensus-based decision making


Gardeners are a group of contributors who, in agreement with admins, perform more administrative tasks around the wiki (quite possibly as well as the tasks outlined for Contributors above). It is a Gardener's responsibility to:

  • Perform specific tasks as assigned by admins or self-assigned, based on interests and talents (e.g., text editing, formatting, disambiguation, cleanup, marking for expansion)
  • Monitor changes that occur on the wiki for their adherence to wiki policies, provide guidance for the contributors of those pages where necessary
  • Provide first-line support for users, especially new users
  • Be reasonably available and undertake responsibilities on a regular (preferably frequent) basis
  • Peer review?


Outreach - possibly a group that monitors pages marked for expansion, as well as feedback that comes in from outside the wiki. An outreach group would focus on:

  • Communicating with potential wiki contributors who initiate contact
  • Seek out & communicate with potential wiki contributors
  • Identify material external to the wiki that could be housed on the wiki; facilitate the transfer of that info in partnership with the OP (where possible)
  • Identify gaps in the wiki and research solutions (locating and communicating with the communities in question in the best manner possible)


  • Oversee, recruit and manage Gardeners & Outreachers
  • Help build wiki structure in accordance with overall policy.
  • Monitor activity on the wiki.
  • Speedy deletion in accordance with policy.
  • Admins are able, on request, to change usernames.

Fanlore Committee

  • Address overall organisation issues, such as changes to the sitemap, administration and policy; maintain a system to inform the community of any changes
  • Keep the back-end of the wiki functioning smoothly and effectively - install new extensions, perform upgrades, test security, etc.
  • Address disputes where they are unresolved between users, contributors, gardeners, etc.