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NB: This page is retired and new issues will not be added here. If you find a bug, contact the Fanlore committee.

This page is to track issues & suggestions brought up by users in the beta period. We're welcoming any comments, ideas or suggestions on improving the interface of the wiki, including the design, navigation system, and article formatting. We're also looking for feedback and assistance from contributors and other users of the wiki in terms of how they find our administrative articles and policies.

To register an issue or suggestion, use the Discussion Page associated with this one. Simply press the + next to the edit link to add your suggestion. Issues that have been discussed and answered or otherwise lodged below have been moved to Fanlore_talk:Issues/Complete in order to keep the Discussion page manageable.

The Fanlore Committee will monitor the discussion page and put your comment into the main Fanlore:Issues page. Keep in mind that if there are similar requests, they will be summarised/grouped together. You will not get a 'response' to your comment unless further discussion or clarification is needed, so don't forget to sign it!

The issues tracked on this page will be addressed at the end of the beta period, or sooner if required.

Problems with OpenID should be reported on the Fanlore:Issues/OpenID page.

Subpages for Issues:


Bold issues are being addressed ASAP.


Canon vs. Fandom content on Fandoms by Source Text pages. (first week of beta)

provide better guidelines for fandom pages to discourage the contribution of extensive canon material and to encourage more fandom content.

Status: The Wiki Committee have discussed this and are working on guidelines for content of these pages and way to indicate when there is too much canon. --Hope 03:25, 6 October 2008 (UTC)
Address need for more structure and guidance given for subpages (first week of beta)

The subpages have the potential to get out of control. What should be subpages and what should be in the main namespace? Should there be a consistent subpages across all articles that require them?

Status: The Wiki Committee have discussed this and have made some decisions about subpage vs. main namespace. Discussions are still ongoing about other subpage issues. --Hope 03:25, 6 October 2008 (UTC)
Add more subcategories (first week of beta)

Need for more finite categories in some areas - eg. "Websites" should have Archives, Discussion Lists and so on.

Status: Pending discussion.
Style guide (first week of beta)

Style guide for consistency of terms like USA vs. US, television vs. TV, film vs. movie.

Status: noted, but not marked as requiring urgent attention - will see how usage develops on the wiki.


Explicit content (first week of beta)

Need a policy for explicit content - uploaded images, text, strong language and so forth.

Status: Not yet discussed by Wikimittee, feelers sent out to other OTW projects with similar issues.


Footer template (10 Oct 08)

create footer templates like this: for fandom & other relevant page types

Status: Agreed, pending
  • To avoid confusion for new wiki users; add more mouseover information in the "title" tag for red (new page) links.
  • Nice css for blockquotes to make cited material more visually distinct
  • Decide who gets to make infoboxes, what for, and when.
  • INFOBOXES! write up documentation for when and how they should be used and created.
  • Templates for subheadings to organise content on pages consistently
  • Remove numbered list format from TOC.
  • Sort out heading styles for pages vs. categories.
  • Seek out/make wikicode to timestamp links in references.
  • More specific stub labels - eg. "needs more fandom content" for fandom pages.
  • A visible differentiation between external links and the internal ones.


More links to toolbox (6 Oct 08)

Add links to Cheat Sheet, Templates and so on in the toolbox if possible

Status: noted, agreed, pending
  • Tweak CSS so that the page links (top right) highlight the one the user is currently on.
  • Display the "Discussion" tab in red if empty.
  • Include a more prominent login/logout link within the layout - top right?
  • Add link to Templates under the personal tools heading in the navigation
  • "Featured content" display somewhere - front page, sidebar, so on.
  • Edit CSS to turn off bold on all hyperlinks - so watchlist works properly and so on.
  • Link to search help near the search box


  • Long-term solution for a communication tool between editors, gardeners, users - such as a forum or message board.
  • Explain more clearly the difference between people pages and user pages, who can edit which, where redirects are allowed.
  • Publicise the use of "What links here" more - perhaps put a link to it within each page?
  • Make it clearer when pages are protected because they are admin pages, and when it's because they're contentious - perhaps with a label.
  • Include a warning about explicit language on admin pages somewhere.
  • Publicise Fanlore:Sandbox
  • Add categorisation documentation/protocol for images to Fanlore:Categories & image upload page
  • Better publicise Redirects, encourage their creation for subpages.
  • Better publicise/encourage users to leave signatures on talk pages.


  • Look into search extensions to improve on the default MW search
  • Alter database to allow for searches of terms w less than 4 characters.
  • Add some sort of timeline extension.
  • Dynamic Article List Extension
  • Alphabetical sorting in categories should ignore capitalisation.


These issues were previously listed above but have since been dealt with.

Title style for fanworks pages (first week of beta)

"Closer" by Killa & TJonesy vs. Closer - Killa & TJonesy

Status: Decided on the hyphenated version. Need to document on a naming conventions page, rename existing pages. --Hope 03:25, 6 October 2008 (UTC)
Citation (6 Oct 08)

Simplify & clarify citation guidelines

Status: Complete
  • Create redirects with subpages - document this somewhere. - see above issue on subpages.
  • Provide a communication tool for contributors to talk with each other and with gardeners - message board, discussion forum, IRC channel, AIM chat - short-term solution has been provided in Fanlore:Chat. Need for a long-term solution listed above.
  • OpenID users constantly required to validate their email address. - This bug has been fixed. OpenID users should have to reauthenticate one more time, but not after that. Contact us if there are any further related bugs.