Fandemonium (publisher)

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Name: Fandemonium
Date(s): 2004-current
Profit/Nonprofit: Profit
Country based in: United Kingdom
Focus: Stargate tie-in novels
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Fandemonium (aka Fandemonium Books or Fandemonium Ltd.) is a UK-based publisher specialising in Stargate SG-1 and Stargate Atlantis tie-in novels. The company is run by former fanfiction writer Sally Malcolm, who is also the chief editor and author of several of the books, and her husband Tom.

Many of Fandemonium's authors were previously authors of Stargate fanfiction, including Sabine C. Bauer, Julie Fortune, and Geonn Cannon. In an interview with GateWorld, Sally said:

The origin of the name of the company, Fandemonium, came from the fact that what we really wanted to do was write books that were written by fans because we wanted fans to have the same kind of love for the show. Someone who’s a fan of the show will write a book in a different way than someone who is a paid author who doesn’t understand all of the show. We got fans, we got them writing books we knew the fans would like, and MGM really appreciated that quality of the books. They said to us right from the start, "We really like what you're doing with this because the quality of the writing is really, really high." And the depth of knowledge and obvious love for the show that comes through, I think, with all our writers, was something they really appreciated.[1]

Prior to Fandemonium, only three tie-in Stargate books had been published, and the license for the IP was held by Penguin Books. However, Sally and Tom successfully convinced MGM London to approve Fandemonium for a United-Kingdom-only license.[1] Publication rights were extended to North America in 2006, after ROC's licence to this region had expired. In 2006, MGM granted Fandemonium a worldwide license to produce Stargate Atlantis novels in 2006. In 2009 the license was broadened further, enabling them to publish Stargate Universe novels.[2]


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