Fan Fiction - Leben nach dem Serientod

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Title: Fan Fiction - Leben nach dem Serientod
Commentator: Verena Wolff
Date(s): August 8th 2002[1]
Medium: online
Fandom: meta
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Fan Fiction - Leben nach dem Serientod is an article written in German by Verena Wolff for the DPA (German Press Agency) about the X-Files fanfiction author Donnilee who primary writes NC-17 MSR and Skinner/Other stories. It was first published on in 2002 and linked both from and XFM.

Recently, I was interviewed by the German Press Agency about fanfiction on the net. The article was later published in a popular German magazine called, "STERN". I am not familiar with the magazine but my husband, who lived in Germany for three years, does know it and said it is like "TIME" magazine over here.

Here's what the interviewer had to say:

I'm working for the German Press-Agency, which is the number 4 in the world. most of the german papers, radio and tv stations subscribe to our services and can choose from every day's news offerings... but not only do we write the classical news, but also so called mixed stories that are not political but a little more fun ;o)

.... As far as i know, the story was printed a couple of times in different papers - and since it's not a "latest news" story, it may even be printed again in the future. So - thanx again for your help and keep writing - reading your stories is one of my favorite pasttimes ;o)

Donnilee's X-files Fanfic - Fanfic Article


"Die Schreiber dieser literarischen Fan-Werke haben sich vieler verschiedener Fernsehserien angenommen. Donnie haben es die Hauptpersonen der inzwischen eingestellten Mystery-Serie »Akte X« besonders angetan. »Es gibt Grenzen im Fernsehen, aber wenn man selbst schreibt, eröffnet sich ein Reich neuer Möglichkeiten, die es so im Fernsehen nicht gibt«, erläutert die Autorin, die für eine Firma arbeitet, die elektronische Bauteile herstellt. Die Charaktere der FBI-Agenten Mulder und Scully, die neun Serienjahre lang unerklärliche Phänomene untersuchten und Außerirdische jagten, findet sie besonders faszinierend."



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