Fall Out Boy Song Title Meme

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Synonyms: By Fall Out Boy
Date Started: 2011?
See Also: When I Was A Young Boy
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double meme example featuring both the "by Fall Out Boy" and "by Panic! at the Disco" rejoinders

The Fall Out Boy Song Title Meme is a text-based Tumblr meme in which one person posts a very long sentence, sometimes deliberately in title casing as a nod to the meme, but sometimes someone else will see the potential of the sentence and reblog it with the added phrase "By Fall Out Boy." Sometimes "By Panic! at the Disco" is added instead. The joke is that Fall Out Boy albums contain a number of songs with very long titles that are complete sentences, such as "Our Lawyer Made Us Change the Name of This Song So We Wouldn't Get Sued."

It is not clear when the meme started, but someone created a tumblr account dedicated to the meme in May 2012: by-falloutboy. The Tumblr tag by fall out boy dates to August 2011.

Additional commentary by memedocumentation here[1] and here[2].



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